Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a rental building?

Yes. Wexford builds quality rental buildings that have the feel of a condominium. We believe that living somewhere you love shouldn’t come with a down payment. We strive for high end finishes in all our suites and design efficient floor plans so you’re not paying for wasted space. All units will have private balconies or direct terrace access making them feel even larger.

What are some of the features of this project?

  • An integrated landscaping plan along Dunsmuir Rd, including a courtyard on the corner of Dunsmuir Rd and West Bay Terrace
  • Upgrades to the public realm including adding a sidewalk along West Bay Terrace

  • Rooftop indoor/outdoor amenity space for gatherings and relaxing

  • A rooftop dog run

  • Large patios with views of the West Bay Marina

  • Large ground level bicycle parking amenity that includes infrastructure for eBikes, cargo bikes, a bike wash, and bike repair station

  • A robust Transportation Demand Management plan to encourage alternative transportation

What has the community said?

Wexford values the contribution of the community and we have had meaningful conversations with various community members to hear ideas and have a collaborative design process. We have engaged the West Bay Community Association on numerous occasions to ensure that our project meets the needs of the community.

What about the current tenants?

There are currently 20 rental housing units on the property. We have been in touch with the current tenants outlining our Tenant Relocation Plan.  We will work closely with these tenants throughout the process by keeping them informed of our permitting progress and providing ample notice when it comes time to vacate. We will be offering a comprehensive relocation package to all tenants.

When do you plan to start construction?

We estimate we will start construction early 2022.